Selected Publications


Eye of the Sixties.”

Eye of the Sixties: Richard Bellamy and the Transformation of Modern Art
(Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2016)

Catalogue Essays

Maine as Matrix.” In Slab City Rendezvous, Farnsworth Art Museum, 2019.

Elizabeth Osborne: Art as Experience.” In Elizabeth Osborne, Reflections: Painting Memory, Locks Gallery, 2017.

The Possibility of Perfection.” In Rachel Hovnanian, GM Newborn Showroom, New York: Leila Heller Gallery, 2014.

Color as Experience.” In Louise Fishman, New York: Cheim & Reed Gallery, 2012.

The Post-Ironic Landscapes of Kate Bright.” In Kate Bright . Philadelphia: Locks Gallery, 2008.

There’s a little ambiguity over there among the bluebells .” In Don Joint, Clobbered Works. New York: Francis M. Naumann Fine Arts, 2008.

An All-Around Image Star.” In Will Stokes, Philadelphia: The Fabric Workshop and Museum, 2007.

Nancy Graves: ‘The Shining, Elusive Element’.” In Nancy Graves. Philadelphia: Locks Gallery, 2005.

“Art’s Wager: Richard Artschwager and the New York Art World of the Sixties .” In Richard Artschwager, Up and Across. Nuremberg: Neues Museum and London: Serpentine Gallery, 2001.

The White-Haired Girl: A Feminist Reading.” In Grandma Moses in the Twenty-First Century. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2001.

Object Lessons: Women’s Bodybuilding and Performance Art, 1970s-80s.”  In Picturing the Modern Amazon. New York: Rizzoli International, 2000.

John Kane.” In Self-Taught Artists of the 20th Century: An American Anthology. New York: Museum of American Folk Art and Chronicle Books, 1998.

Seeing Janet Fish .” In Janet Fish. New York: DC Moore Gallery, 1998.

“Ars Longa, and It Keeps Changing .” In Pew Fellowships in the Arts catalogue for awardees, 1997.

Bessie Harvey: The Artist as Midwife.” In Awakening the Spirits: Sculpture by Bessie Harvey. Knoxville: Knoxville Museum of Art, 1997.

Louise Nevelson’s Collages.”  In Louise Nevelson. Philadelphia: Locks Gallery, 1997.

Jacob Landau: Old Man Mad About Drawing.” Printed Image Gallery (February 1996)

“Collaboration.” In The Power of Feminist Art, New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1994.

“Presenting the Past.”  In Miriam Schapiro, Collaboration Series: Mother Russia. New York: Steinbaum Krauss Gallery, 1994.

An American Original.” In I Tell My Heart: The Art of Horace Pippin. Philadelphia: Pennsylvania Academy of the Arts, 1993.

Soul-States: The Art of Daisy Youngblood.” In Daisy Youngblood. Glenside, Pennsylvania: Beaver College Art Gallery, 1992.

Jay Milder, Urban Visionary.” In Jay Milder: Urban Visionary: Retrospective 1958-1991, New England Center for Contemporary Art, 1991.

“Telling History: A Narrative Chronology of Alfred Leslie’s The Killing Cycle [on the death of Frank O’Hara] .” In Alfred Leslie. St. Louis: St. Louis Art Museum, 1991.

“Making Their Mark.” In Making Their Mark: Women Artists Move into the Mainstream, 1970-1985. New York: Abbeville Press, 1989.

Collecting the Art of the Times.” In Searching of the Best: A Tribute to the Morris Gallery of the Pennslyvania Academy of Fine Arts, ed. Jacolyn A. Mott (Philadelphia: The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. 1988), 20-24

“Figuring Out the Fifties: Aspects of Figuration and Abstraction in New York 1950-1962.” In The Figurative Fifties. Rizzoli International and the Newport Harbor Art Museum, 1988.

Lester Johnson: The Likeness of Things Unlike.” In Lester Johnson, New York: Gallery Moos, 1987.

Red Grooms: The Early Years (1937-1960).” In Red Grooms: A Retrospective, 1956-1984, Philadelphia: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1985.

All Around The Cobbler’s Bench with Red Grooms.” In Red Grooms: A Retrospective, 1956-1984, Philadelphia: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1985.

Articles and Interviews

Anxiety of Influence.” In Ursula, Spring 2019.

Richard Bellamy.” Art in America (December 2014): 120-127.

Facing History: Barbara Chase-Riboud.” Art in America (March 2014): 122-127.

The Parsons Effect.” Art in America (November 2013).

The Printer’s Territories, an Interview with Sarah Amos.” Artblog (November 2009).

Alfred Leslie: An Interview.” Art in America (January 2009): 88-95.

Richard Tuttle on Richard Bellamy and the Sixties.” Sienese Shredder (2006): 17-27.

A Bond of Steel: di Suvero and Bellamy.” Art in America (November 2005): 150-155.

“Judith Stein Interviews Sam Green, the ICA’s First Director.” In Forty Years at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Philadelphia: Institute of Contemporary Art: 2005.

The Adventures of Jo Baer.” Art in America (May 2003): 104-111, 157.

Army of the Dolls: Zoe Leonard.” Art in America (February 2001): 100-103.

The Drawings of James Castle.” Drawing (Winter 1998-99): 47-49.

“Out of the East, [East Central European Art 1990-95].” Art in America (April 1998): 50-55.

“Maya Lin’s Vietnam Memorial.” Daidalos [Berlin] 65 (September 1997): 118-19.

“Report on Australia: the Asia Pacific Triennial and the Sydney Biennale.”  Art in America (June 1997): 57-63.

“The Inventive Genius of Lenore Tawney.” Fiberarts (Sept/Oct 1997): 28-34.

Elizabeth Murray, Locks Gallery.” ARTnews (September 1995).

“Studio: Dona Nelson, Trying All the Flavors.” Art News (October 1995): 89-90.

The Word Made Image.” [Jane Hammond/John Ashbery Collaboration], Art in America (May 1995), 98-101.

“Space and Place.”  [Maya Lin]. Art in America (December 1994): 66-71, 117.

Sins of Omission, [Fred Wilson’s Mining the Museum].” Art in America (October 1993): 110-115.

The Artists’ New Clothes,” Portfolio: The magazine of the fine arts, January/February 1983; p.63-67

Portrait: Philadelphia.” Portfolio (November/December 1980): 101-104.

Judy Chicago at Kenmore.” Art in America (July/August 1976).

Peter Agostini at the Comfort Gallery, Haverford College.” Art in America (July-August 1976).

Stephen Greene at Zierler.” Art in America (March/April 1976): 105.

Profile of Cecilia Beaux” The Feminist Art Journal (Winter 1975/76. Vol. 4 No. 4): 25-33.

Exhibition Reviews

Inventing Downtown at the Grey Gallery.” 4 Columns (March 2017).

Jayson Musson at Fleisher Ollman.” Art in America (March 2013).

‘Late Renoir’ at the Art Museum .” Broad Street Review (August 2010).

Ernesto Neto at the Hayward Gallery.” The Art Blog (June 2010).

Diane Burko, The Politics of Snow.” Broad Street Review (February 2010).

“Peter Saul: A Retrospective .” CAA.Reviews. (April 2009)

“London: Chen Zhen at the Serpentine.” Art in America. (November 2001):157-158.

“London: Michael Landy’s Break Down.” Art in America (June 2001): 136-137.

Zoe Leonard, Army of the Dolls .” Art in America (February 2001): pp 100-103.

Lee Mingwei at the Whitney Museum.”  Art Asia Pacific 22 (April 1999): 91.

“Sidney Goodman.” Art News (May 1996):85-86.

“Elizabeth Murray.” Art News (September 1995):146-147.

“Rachel Whiteread.” Art News (Summer 1995):133-134.

“James Turrell.” Art News (December 1993):138-139.

Lily Yeh : A Village with Heart.” Metropolitan Home, (July 1993).

“Vija Celmins.” Art News (February 1993):118.

“Susan Chrysler White.” Art News (October 1992).

Yun Hyong-Keun at Inkog.” Art in America (July 1992):121.

“Arakawa and Gins.” Art in America (February 1991):143.

Nancy Graves.” Art in America (December 1991):125.

“Judy Moonelis.” American Ceramics (Fall 1982): 60-61.

“Red Grooms.”  Art in America (December 1982):129.

“Annson Kenney.” Art in America (May 1976):117-118.

“Stephen Greene..” Art in America (March 1976):105.

“James Havard.” Art in America (May 1975): 95.

“Jon F. Clarke.” Glass Art (February 1975): 23.

“Judy Chicago.” Art in America (July 1974): 93.

“Peter Agostini.” Art in America (July 1974): 94.

Book Reviews

Review of Painting Below Zero, by James Rosenquist, The Art Blog, Dec 2009.

Review of Philadelphia Murals and the Stories They Tell,  by Jane Golden et al., Woman’s Art Journal, Spring/Summer 2005, 54-56.

Review of The Passion of Artemisia, by Susan Vreeland, The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 17, 2002.

Review of Fairfield Porter, A Life in Art, by Justin Spring, The Philadelphia Inquirer Book Review, February 7, 2000.

Review of American Visions, by Robert Hughes, The Philadelphia Inquirer Book Review, May 18, 1997.

Review of Just Looking, by John Updike,  The Philadelphia Inquirer, Sunday “View” Section, October 8, 1989, 3.

Review of The Helga Suite, by Andrew Wyeth, The Philadelphia Daily News, May 12, 1987, 38.

Review of The Birth Project, by Judy Chicago, The New York Times Book Review, Sept. 15,  1985, 31.

Review of The Sexuality of Christ in Renaissance Art and in Modern Oblivion, by Leo Steinberg, The Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Book Section, May 20, 1985, 2.

Review of Feminism and Art History: Questioning the Litany, by Mary Garrard and Norma Broude, eds., Woman’s Art Journal, Fall 1983/Winter 1984, 44-46.

Review of American Women Artists, by Charlotte Rubinstein, Ms., December 1982, 36.

Review of Anonymous Was A Woman, by Mirra Bank; Women Artists of the Arts and Crafts Movement, by Anthea Callen; and The Obstacle Race, Germaine Greer, Studies in Visual Communication, Journal of the Annenberg School of Communication, Summer 1980, 84-87.